Bobbi Kristina Involved In Bad Car Accident

September 26, 2012 By:
Bobbi Kristina Involved In Bad Car Accident

Celebrity tragedies come in threes and for the car wreck set first we had Amanda Bynes, then Lindsay Lohan, and now Bobbi Kristina!

Whitney Houston’s daughter was in a BIG car accident in Georgia over the weekend.

Remember Bobbi’s pseudo boyfriend/adopted brother Nick Gordon that she lives with in an apartment in GA? Yeah, him. Anyways TMZ is reporting that he was driving his 2012 black Camaro with Bobbi riding shotgun in Alpharetta, GA when the couple started arguing and then somehow got into an accident that ended with the entire front of the car smashed in, the front tire missing, the front bumper torn off, and the airbags deployed.

I have no idea how the source knew they were arguing unless the source was in the car too. Hmm...

Anyways, with ALL that damage to the car thankfully no-one was hurt AND the car somehow drove all the way back to their home safely.

Details about the crash are unclear but apparently no other car was involved, meaning they might have ran into a lane divider, tree, building etc.

When the couple got home they started fighting again and a neighbor called about a noise complaint and cops were sent to the apartment but no one answered the door.

It was then that the officers saw the busted car parked out front with the hazard lights turned on.