Hollyscoop's Top 10: Best Legs In Hollywood

June 14, 2012 By:
Hollyscoop's Top 10:  Best Legs In Hollywood

The sun is shining and that means the stars are peeling off layers and exposing what lies beneath. And the folks here at Hollyscoop are liking what they see…

When it comes to picking out the hottest bodies in Hollywood, there’s no denying one of the most important factors: Legs.

Of course J.Lo, Halle Berry, and Eva Mendez are givens, but - in honor of the summer months ahead - here’s where they land on our “Top Ten Best Hollywood Legs.”

(NOTE TO READER: This article was assigned and I’m not just a raging pervert…)

10) Sofia Vergara
The “Modern Family” star has a rockin’ body that could caused even the most metro of heterosexual dudes to salivate. There’s no denying her ability to turn heads at the beach. Unfortunately, her busty chest is a little distracting to her under regions or she would have scored a better placement.

9) Julianne Hough
The “Dancing with the Stars” sweetheart has a set of legs any woman would surely kill for. Ryan Seacrest better step on it and lock that girl down with a proposal soon. Otherwise, she might just take those things and strut to someone else more appreciative.

8) Nicole Scherzinger
Never mind her stint on the Pussycat Dolls, or even her work on “X Factor.” Ms. Scherzinger’s true talent is sculpting some serious sticks. I mean have you seen her in some leather pants… Damn!

7) Jennifer Lopez
Yeah, yeah… We can’t forget J.Lo...And at a healthy 42-years-old, she deserves every ounce of praise that she gets for her figure. It’s no wonder why Casper and the boys of The Wanted are drooling over her.

6) Penelope Cruz
Adding some Spanish flavor to the mix is the forever stunning Penelope Cruz. If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and see Nine… Seriously, stop reading now and go rent it.

5) Halle Berry
Uh… Catwoman, anyone? Don't you think she keeps the suit around for those special occasions with Olivier Martinez… Lucky him! Yes, if there were a Hall of Fame for “Best Legs,” Halle would have a permanent display.

4) Blake Lively
Perhaps an underdog in this category, but a worthy fourth placer… The “Gossip Girl” means business with her legs and is not afraid to show them off. Well done, Blake… Well done.

3) Eva Mendez
This actress/model is flawless in every way. Included in that gigantic umbrella are her legs. Be it in pumps, or simply bare feet, making hers look bad is truly impossible.

2) Stacy Keibler
I don’t think anyone’s going to argue with me here. We’ve seen them move on “Dancing with the Stars.” We’ve seen them pose in Maxim… There’s no question. Stacy Keibler’s calves deserve three cheers… Hip Hip Hooray!

1) Angelina Jolie
This is an incredibly difficult list to top. All of these women should be given awards for their achievement in muscle toning and overall fineness. But only one has a Twitter account with 45,000 plus followers dedicated to their right leg, and their right leg only…. That female is our goddess and our champ, Angelina Jolie.