Most Powerful Celebs List Revealed

June 26, 2013 By:
Most Powerful Celebs List Revealed

For the fifth time, gabazillionaire Oprah Winfrey tops Forbes’ list of Most Powerful Celebrities for the year 2013. The achievement validates the OWN network as it's slowly refocusing and improving its programming.

Lady Gaga was the runner-up, proving that even with a broken hip and releasing no new work in the past year she can still corral $80 million somehow under her name.

Steven Spielberg and Beyoncé round out the top five of the one hundred celebrities, followed closely by Madonna, Taylor Swift—for some reason we won't bother to investigate Bon Jovi and tennis star Roger Federer—along with Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres.

Notice anything particularly excellent about this list so far? According to Forbes’ calculations, ladies reign supreme in the industry in terms of money and influence. Of the ten names kicking off the countdown, females dominated overall with six slots on the list.