Hollywood's Most Mysterious Babies of 2013

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Hollywood's Most Mysterious Babies of 2013
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Babies are big bu$iness in Hollywood. The first photos of a celebrity’s newborn can reel in upwards to eight figures—the most expensive of which were the $11 million People magazine spent on the exclusive photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s twins Vivienne and Knox in 2008—because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and in Hollywood, yes, money grows on some of them here.

Of course, there is a downside to all that exposure, and some celebrity parents are protective of their newborns when it comes to the public eye. It’s as if these babies don’t even exist! We rarely get a glimpse or hear a peep out of those on this list, and if we ever do, they always come from the source itself: their great parents. 

So, here, as if rising from the ether, are the auras of these super mysterious babies and how little we know about them…

Blue Ivy – Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s baby came into our world over 365 days ago and all we know about this baby since is that its name is Blue Ivy. Jay and Bey are doing so much to keep this baby away from the public eye, they even rented out an entire hospital wing to make that happen.

Then after releasing a few photos of the newborn following the birth, that was it. We have yet to see more face shots of her in her first year. If a photo ever does surface it’s typically of Beyoncé nuzzling her in the shadows. Blue Ivy basically sleeps in a crib locked away in a vault on a Cayman Island somewhere—that’s the lengths her parents will go to in order to keep the press away and all it's done is make Blue Ivy that much more enigmatic.

Last week, Jay posted an image of Blue Ivy playing with a deck of cards, but shrouded in darkness, and it is just soooo mysterious. Is Blue Ivy teaching herself a magic trick? Are those actually index cards, the index cards that Blue Ivy, age 1, writes all her original songs on? Is Blue Ivy dropping a mixtape on her private Tumblr soon? We may never know. It’s so rich with enigma I feel like the longer I look at this picture of Blue Ivy in the shadows, the closer I get to understanding the secret of life. Hypnotic.

Adele’s Nameless Baby – Adele’s baby is so mysterious in fact it doesn’t even have a name yet. Or a name that we know of because she hasn’t registered her newborn son since she gave birth in October of last year. It’s leading me to believe that Adele’s baby does in fact have a name, but only Adele’s beautiful pipes can hit the right notes that pronounce it. Adele’s son’s name makes a sound too beautiful for this Earth.

Noah Shannon — Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green kept this baby so secret, that it had already been crawling into furniture for a whole entire month before any of us knew about it. The star was adamant about not selling any photos to a magazine cover, instead preferring to just enjoy her newborn son without all the fanfare.

Finn – Tori Spelling revealed that while pregnant with her fourth child Finn, she nearly died. A celebrity child so powerful it almost took Tori Spelling’s net worth of $15 million down with it? What powers does this Finn possess?!?!

Elton John’s Baby #2 – Just announced today, Elton John and husband David Furnish welcome a second child into their home. It’s all speculation at this point, but it’s believed it’s from the same surrogate the couple used for their first son Zachary in 2010. This is all we know so far.