Kelly Rowland: Destiny's Child Reunion Is Not Happening

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Kelly Rowland: Destiny's Child Reunion Is Not Happening
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Beyoncé fans were basically trembling in place after the Destiny's Child reunion at the Super Bowl.

When Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were shot into the stratosphere to join Beyoncé on that halftime stage, it felt like we and our inner middle schoolers were also being catapulted back to the days of putting our Walkmans on pause to sit in front of our TVs, awaiting the world premiere of "Bootylicious" on MTV.

However, the fantasy of a full-fledged Destiny's Child tour will have to remain planted in the recesses of our minds because it's just not in the stars right now, sadly. Yeah, more like Destiny Unfulfilled.

On the Oscars red carpet, Kelly kept Hollyscoop updated on the ladies' current plans, none of which include harmonizing to "Survivor."

"‪Beyonce's about to go on tour, Michelle is doing Fela!, and I'm about to release my album On Top Of The Game. Just putting finishing touches on that," she told us. ‬

They're not saying no, no, no, no, no, but they're not saying yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, either. Basically, all the women are independent and doing their own thing at the moment. Throw your hands up for Kelly though, who has a new album on the horizon.

"‪I'm working with The-Dream, I'm working with Rock City, I'm working with Kevin Kassum, I'm working with, oh my God, I don't want to leave anybody out because I don't want anybody mad at me. But it's just been a great process so far with this album," she said.

As for the record's sound, it'll be a return to form for the former D.C. member. "‪I think it's really important to keep everybody guessing for a little bit, but for me, I want to go back to my roots and that's R&B and I did that with my 'Motivation' and I did that with my recent single that's out right now 'Kisses,'" she said. "I look forward to everybody hearing the rest of this album.‬"