Beyonce: My Hips Don't Lie, Either - I Have Proof!

January 11, 2013 By:
Beyonce: My Hips Don't Lie, Either - I Have Proof!

It was the magazine cover everyone was talking about yesterday: GQ's February cover featuring everything Beyoncé Knowles—Beyoncé visage, Beyoncé hips, Beyoncé belly, Beyoncé underboob. Were there even legible words bordering the margins of this cover? Let me know, because I was too busy looking at everything Beyoncé. No words could describe its glory.

But like her Blue Ivy pregnancy, people are already calling it a fake.

An Illuminati conspiracy and Photoshop work leaping up from the depths of hell, some are whispering. People just aren't convinced that the self-proclaimed all-"powerful" diva could just exude this much flawless-ness.

Well, it appears the singer has heard your cries of disbelief, posting a new photo to her personal Tumblr to address your concerns: A bikini photo shot of Bey on the beach with her daughter Blue Ivy Carter and clearly she is fit. A fact clearer than the glistening ocean behind them in the picture. Is Beyoncé strapping on a helmet and playing at the Super Bowl too? Because that stomach looks like it could outrun the entire NFL.

Too Fab has a side-by-side comparison of the cover and candid photo to prove it—a see-it-to-believe-it compare and contrast for you naysayers. As Destiny's Child would say, check up on it.

Of course, as with any magazine cover, there's surely some minor photo-shopping, but as for her curvy statuesque silhouette, that looks to be untouched. That bod is for Jay-Z's hands only.