Beyonce Steals the Show With National Anthem at Inauguration

January 21, 2013 By:
Beyonce Steals the Show With National Anthem at Inauguration
Image By: AP

In another performance sure to be locked away in her, "temperature-controlled digital-storage facility" for future civilizations, Beyoncé stepped up to the mic to sing the National Anthem at the inauguration ceremony in D.C. this morning.

No news here, but it was flawless.

I'm sure that among all those papers Obama was signing after the ceremony, there was a document shuffled in there to officially change the lyrics of the "Star Spangled Banner" to "O'er the land of the free / And the home of the Bey-ravé."

The 31-year-old showed true poise and grace on the national stage in a black velvet and chiffon gown by Emilio Pucci. She stunned in statement emerald earrings. She didn't go anywhere near trying to upstage Michelle Obama's bangs by keeping her blonde locks long, wavy, and more patriotic than amber waves of grain.

Because I'm still watching her presidential recital, I haven't been refreshing the New York Times exactly, but…can gays get married now? Is the fiscal cliff over? Did that pothole on my street smooth itself out? Because if Beyoncé's 3-minutes and 11-seconds of uniting our country didn't just solve all our problems then we might seriously be doomed.

Actually, I take that back. If there's something Congress and myself could learn from Bey's performance it's that sometimes you need to just take out that earpiece and then get down to BUSINESS. There's hope yet. Make that: hopé.