5 Most Shocking VMA Moments

September 6, 2012 By:
5 Most Shocking VMA Moments

Tonight the MTV Video Music Awards are upon us and I personally cannot wait. What bombs will they drop!? Who will show-off a surprise baby bump? And who is Kanye West going to offend?

While we wait for the show to air tonight, let’s reminisce on years past.

Here are the 5 most shocking VMA moments:

1.) Beyonce Announces She’s Pregnant: Most celebrities announce that they are pregnant in the boring way, i.e. announcing it via Twitter or just getting progressively larger until we can’t assume that they are just fat. Beyonce made her baby announcement in the greatest way possible - During her performance onstage at the VMAs singing “Love On Top.” Beyonce patted her stomach at the end of her performance all proud-like.

2.) Gaga Performs In Drag: During last year’s VMA, Lady Gaga made her most shocking performance - she performed as a dude. I don’t care how many times Lady Gaga wears a mermaid tail or dresses up in raw meat, when she performed “You and I” dressed as a dude it was one of her most outrageous performances. She sang as her alter-ego “Jo Calderone.” She’s since put Jo Calderon to rest, or killed him off, whatever.

3.) Britney Spears Locks Lips With Madonna: This 2003 performance was epic for several reasons a) Britney wasn’t a zombie yet b) Christina Aguilera was still kind of hot and b) Madonna kept her boobs in her shirt. Oh also, all three ladies kissed each other, so that was crazy. Also, Justin Timberlake. Hot off his break-up from Britney, there were one too many ridiculous reaction shots from JT in the audience.

4.) Kanye West Interrupts Taylor Swift: This 2009 VMA moment is the one event that Kanye will never live down. Dating Kim Kardashian, claiming George Bush doesn’t like black people…none of it compares to when the biggest ego in the music industry walked onstage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech and claimed that Beyonce had the best video of all time.

5) Lil Kim’s Boobalicious Dress: Back at the 1999 VMAs Lil Kim (for our under-18 readers, she was like Nicki Minaj of the 90’s) the colorful artist wore a purple sequined jumpsuit that totally exposed her left boob except for a bright purple pasty. Later in the show, Diana Ross plays with Kim’s boob, batting it at like a cat with a mouse toy.