The Bachelor Fiance Courtney Robertson Steps Out Without Ring

March 14, 2012 By:
The Bachelor Fiance Courtney Robertson Steps Out Without Ring

Bachelor Ben Flajnik proposed to Courtney Robertson on last night’s season finale of The Bachelor. It’s the day after the episode airs and Courtney’s not even wearing her engagement ring!

So are they together? Aren’t they? Can they at least pretend like this show is about true-love and not a ratings war? C’mon why can’t they be more like Trista and Ryan! The original “The Bachelorette” anyone!?

Anyways, Courtney and Ben’s relationship has been surrounded with controversy. For starters, every other contestant on this seasons show hated Courtney. Mostly because she was “fake” and “two faced” as the other girls loved to point out.

Apparently Ben and Courtney were broken up during the time the show wrapped until now. Basically, Ben watched the show and realized that Courtney was a nut case. Homegirl is one of those manic pixie types who “model,” you know the type.

Anyways, on the “After the Final Rose” confrontation, Courtney walked onstage to boos from the rejected girls but Ben insisted that they have gotten back together and are engaged again.

“We’re engaged. We’re in a good place,” says Flajnik, “Now that the main part of the show, and all the negativity is gone, it can only get better…The root of the problem was us not being able to be with each other and talks about these things.”

Verdict is still out on if they are or aren’t together.