5 Craziest Oscar Speeches Ever

February 24, 2013 By:
5 Craziest Oscar Speeches Ever

Whether you watch the Oscars for the red carpet gowns or the host's obligatory and sometimes annoying musical theater number, everyone can agree that every awards show has at least one acceptance speech that has you pushing rewind on the DVR.

Whether it’s weird, inappropriate or just straight up silly, these are the 5 craziest speeches of Oscars past.

The Acrobatic: When Roberto Benigni won for Best Foreign Language film for Life is Beautiful he jumped up on top of his chair, ran through the theater, and then did bunny hops to get up the stairs. It was quite an acrobatic acceptance speech.  

The Bromantic: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon won for Best Adapted Screenplay Good Will Hunting when they were both in their late twenties and very new to Hollywood. The two buddies rushed the stage and began shouting the names of people they knew, the two got nervous and forgot who they were supposed to thank.

The Romantic: Adrien Brody steals a kiss from Halle Berry. When Adrien Brody got a Best Actor win for The Pianist, he planted a wet one on presenter Halle Berry for a good six seconds. On second thought, it was less-romance and more-assault.

The Cringe-Worthy: Marlon Brando won a Best Actor nod for The Godfather but sent Native American girl Sacheen Littlefeather to reject the award on his behalf as Brando was protesting the poor treatment of Native Americans. But instead of making a statement, the girl had to endure an entire room full of people booing at her.

The Awkward: Back in the '70s George C. Scott won the Best Actor award for his role in Patton but rejected the award, saying the ceremony was a “two-hour meat parade, a public display with contrived suspense for economic reasons.” He said he was watching a hockey game during the Oscars.