Obama's Victory Photo Most Popular Tweet of All Time

November 7, 2012 By:
Obama's Victory Photo Most Popular Tweet of All Time

“Four more years.” It was a short and sweet message—accompanied with a beautiful photo of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle embracing against a cloud-filled sky—sent out just after his victory was announced last night and it became the most popular tweet ever.

In less than half an hour, just 22 minutes after it hit Twitter via @BarackObama, it was retweeted 226,249 times, marking it with the most new tweets-per-second record. This morning, it’s continuing to gain steam with a total of 675,942 retweets. #ObamaFistBump

Furthermore, the photo definitely sums up what we adore about the First Couple: unstaged, genuine, real. How is this not just Barack and Michelle’s heads photoshopped onto Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook? Love has never looked this real!

Twitter really is becoming the go-to radar when gathering the pulse of the people. Last night showed the social media platform as a reflective portrait of the election itself as it developed. Barack trends harder than Mitt, overall, to a landslide degree, kind of like their electoral numbers. Barack is following an inclusive and diverse 670,000+ compared to Mitt’s exclusive and snobby 274, which was essentially their social platforms. Barack sends out the most popular tweet in history AND wins the popular vote.

The presidential tweet surpasses previous record holder Justin Bieber in overall retweets and the announcement of the Spice Girls at the London Olympics closing ceremony for most retweets-per-second.

Yesterday was a great night for social media: Barack wins Twitter, takes down @justinbieber, Beyoncé joins Instagram, the planets start aligning to “Love On Top.” I’m hugging my phone right now.