Democrats Vs. Republicans: Who Has The Better Celebs!

September 8, 2012 By:
Democrats Vs. Republicans: Who Has The Better Celebs!

This years Road To the Election 2012 has been especially celeb-worthy. I’m not going to list every celeb and what they are registered to vote as, or even mention George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker and how they regularly give up their houses to Barack Obama fundraisers, but during this weeks hot-bed of National Conventions we find out who the true Obama and Romney supporters are.

So who has the better celebrity endorsements? The red or the blue?

The Republicans:

Clint Eastwood: No matter who you are voting for, Clint Eastwood’s “empty chair” speech at the Republican National Convention was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. “Empty Chair” probably has it’s own twitter handle now. That being said, Clint Eastwood giving a speech for ANYTHING is pretty badass.

Nicki Minaj: Nicki Minaj surprised everyone when she came out in support of Mitt Romney. Despite coming from humble beginnings, the rappers “Young Money” must have gone to her head because she’s apparently a huge Romney fan. Her rap lyrics “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/you lazy b-tches is f-ing up the economy” was a pretty clear indicator of her party alliance.

Jon Voight: Angelina Jolie’s dad Jon Voight showed up to the Republican National Convention at the start of the festivities and while he didn’t give a speech or rap about it, the actor milled around the convention center hallways taking twitpics with anyone who would have him.

The Democrats:

Scarlet Johansson: Raising her fist in a rousing speech at the DNC on Thursday night, ScarJo encouraged young voters to cast their ballots in November. Too bad all the “young voters” were busy watching the MTV Video Music Awards that same night.

Eva Longoria: Eva Longoria also waxed poetic at the DNC and somehow made a speech about tax-breaks that wasn’t boring.
“The Eva Longoria who worked at Wendy’s flipping burgers…She needed a tax break. But the Eva Longoria who works on movie sets does not.” Wait, Longoria worked at Wendys!?

Kerry Washington: The “Scandal” star also took to the stage after Longoria and Johansson to continue to diversify the democratic lineup…meaning the Blue party has support from movie AND TV actresses.

Kim Kardashian: Not sure if Obama WANTS the reality Queen trumpeting his cause, but regardless, she’s gonna give it. Kim K tweeted a photo on Friday from her private jet as she flew to the Convention because GET THIS she was hosting the official after-party for the DNC. Yes, the DNC has an after-party and yes, Kim K was hosting it.

Madonna: Madonna loves Obama so much, she got his name tattoed on her back. I’m serious. “Tonight I’m not going to show my as-. I’m going to show my feelings. How’s that for living dangerously?” and then she ripped off her shirt, thankfully kept her breasts in check, and showed off a huge tramp stamp of the POTUS’s name. That’s exactly the endorsement Obama needs.