Top 5 Best Super Bowl Commercials

February 4, 2013 By:
Top 5 Best Super Bowl Commercials

Here’s a roundup of Hollyscoop’s favorite Super Bowl XLVII commercials…

(Notice we didn’t include the “controversial” Volkswagon Jamaica-talk ad. Not because it may or may not be offensive, but because it simply sucked. Seriously, what were they thinking?)

1. Taco Bell — “Viva Young”: The best part of this spot is the fact that the fast food chain realizes exactly what it is: a place where you can go at 3 a.m. to eat food that only tastes good when you are stone drunk.

Even the rhythm of Fun.’s “We Are Young,” which we’ve all heard about a million times by now, is tolerable here. Plus, old people making out is always a hoot. 

2. Oreo — “Whisper Fight”: Ridiculous situations like this are just too bizarre not to laugh at—P.S. Cream is definitely the best part. 

3. – “Perfect Match”: This commercial was SO good that it made headlines even before it aired. Walter is the luckiest guy ever. Eat your heart out, Leo.

4. Budweiser —“Brotherhood”: The beer giant dropped the comedic shtick and went for the tearjerker. With so many tragedies since the last big game, this heartfelt minute hit just right. 

5. Doritos — “Goat 4 Sale”: Come on, guys… A goat screaming? There are few things more side-splitting.  

Doritos: a dish best served clever and simple.