Could This Be The Worst Kiss Ever?

February 7, 2013 By:
Could This Be The Worst Kiss Ever?
Image By: NBC

Remember when Bar Refaeli made out with a “nerd” in that Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial which featured the most disgusting collection of true-to-life kissing sounds? Yeah, well, imagine that happening again but with Jay Leno instead of Bar.

During the opening of Jay’s talk show on Tuesday night he asked Bar if they could “recreate” her Go Daddy commercial in a cheap bid to make-out with her.

He closes his eyes and puckers up and Bar swaps herself out for the “nerd” from the commercial, played by 34-year-old Jesse Heiman.

So now, you’re watching a video of Jay Leno open mouth kissing a 30-something poindexter whose last name is Heiman. Just try and digest that sentence.

Could this be the worst kiss ever? We’re not sure, we closed our eyes after Jay tried to nibble on Heiman’s upper lip for fear we might black out.

That being said, in a post Brokeback Mountain world, is two dudes-kissing still that funny?

Later in the show, Jay interviewed Bar and asked her about the real-kiss from the commercial, asking “Is he a good kisser?”

To which Bar joked, “you tell me.”

Ohhhhh Snap!

Check out the video if you like sloppy make-out sessions.