Mark Burnett on Audrina: We Can Make a Great Show

April 23, 2009 By:
Mark Burnett on Audrina: We Can Make a Great Show

Audrina Patridge is on the rise, she has two new movies and an upcoming TV show with Mark Burnett. Yes, you heard right, Mark Burnett, the man who brought you Survivor and The Apprentice.

When news first broke of the collaboration, many were left wondering what he would create for The Hills reality show star.

Hollyscoop caught up with Mark at the Hollywood Radio & Television Society (HRTS) presents Broadcasting Reality: Show Me the Money! Newsmaker Luncheon where he talked to us about his new project with Audrina.

“Ya I'm working on my new Audrina show now, just discussing where we will do the deal and air it, very excited. I think she’s very interesting, driven and experienced, so I think we can make a great show,” Mark told Hollyscoop.

While Audrina definitely has potential, we were left wondering why he choose Audrina over Lauren Conrad?

“I met with Gladis, who is Audrina's manager and Audrina and we all hit it off. And the same shared extinct of what to do next and that’s what happened.”

Audrina recently told Hollyscoop that it was definitely time to move on from The Hills, "You know I really felt like it has ran its course, and you're ready to move on."

All the former Hills cast members have ended up with spin offs on MTV, but that may not be the case with Audrina's new show. “Right now we've met with a number of networks and [we're] just looking at deals and where we should do it,” said Burnett.

It should be interesting to see how this show will develop, and if it can draw the audience that The Hills did. Life after The Hills hasn't been so kind to the other. Whitney Port's show The City wasn’t a ratings firecracker, and we haven't heard much about Brody Jenner's Bromance.

Do you think Audrina has the star power to make her solo reality show a success? Would you watch it?