How Demi Moore Is Still Way Richer Than Ashton Kutcher

May 17, 2013 By:
How Demi Moore Is Still Way Richer Than Ashton Kutcher

For the most apathetic and apolitical of readers, following Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s ongoing money battle gives you the same sensation as when you peruse the headlines of President Obama ousting the acting IRS Commissioner: your eyes kind of glaze over and crawl into the bed of your lids and fall asleep.

You don’t even need to leave a formulaic episode of “The Big Bang Theory” buzzing in the background, it’s so boring. 

To recap, Demi’s demanding spousal support from Ashton and it’s causing a rift in the divorce proceedings.

The kicker is that Demi doesn’t even really need the “support,” as much as she wants the satisfaction of making him cough up for cheating on her—a literal payback, if you will.

Ashton is an aspiring Silicon Valley techno-wizard, but even with all his venture-capitalist-aggrandizing schemes, Demi is still worth much more than he is.

All his films, endorsements, entertainment production projects and investments in Airbnb, Path, Foursquare, Uber and reportedly accumulate to around $140 million for Ashton.

But it’s still about $10 million short when stacked against Demi’s estimated net worth of $150 million—$90 million of which was awarded to her following a divorce from Bruce Willis.

For richer or poorer, these ex-spouses are both gunning for each other as they attempt to officially dissolve their marriage. The case is believed to settle within the next two to three weeks.