Eyewitness in Ashton Kutcher Hotel Room: He 'Definitely Boned' Sara Leal

October 6, 2011 By:
Eyewitness in Ashton Kutcher Hotel Room: He 'Definitely Boned' Sara Leal

In a story that's becoming more like an episode of Jersey Shore, more details are unfolding regarding Ashton Kutcher's wild night in San Diego.

If you haven’t been paying attention, Kutcher allegedly cheated on Demi Moore the night of the couple's anniversary. He was partying at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego and invited some chicks up to a hot tub in his room, where he allegedly had sex with some girl named Sara Leal.

Now, another girl, named Megan McNutt, is coming forward to offer more details about that night. This chick was also invited up to Ashton's room, and as you probably imagine, she's your typical bimbo who says all of her sentences as questions? Like, she's saying something that's not a question, but she says it like it is?

"Ashton and Sara definitely boned,” McNutt told Star magazine.

McNutt made her way out of her Girls Gone Wild-sponsored hotel room to also add: “They definitely hooked up, there was definitely sex involved.”

Megan says that when she was invited up to the room, she had her cell phone taken away before entering the party.

"It was really fun. It was a typical San Diego thing just with Ashton Kutcher who is super hot and super fun.”

McNutt also says that Ashton made it clear to everyone in the room that he and Moore were having marital problems.

“When I heard he was separated, I definitely thought he was acting like a guy who was single. He was mingling…doing his thing.”

And Megan says that she had a feeling that things were going to heat up between Ashton and Sara.

“I felt Ashton and Sara were going to hook up because everyone was drunk."

Nostradamus over here.

"It was a good time. Drinks were flowing. Everyone was partying. There was music. There was a hot tub. If there’s a hot tub involved, there is going to be some action. And Sarah is a hot girl,” Megan said. “She’s a nice girl and she’s very good looking, I’m sure he saw her and said, ‘damn, that girl’s hot.’”

Like I said, Jersey Shore.

Megan describes Sara as "super sweet" and says they've partied in Vegas, too.

Other reports about Ashton and Demi's split say that Ashton actually moved out of their home in September due to Demi's substance abuse problem. The two were spotted attending a Kabbalah service over the weekend.