Ashton Kutcher Eyeing $10 Million Bachelor Pad

December 8, 2011 By:
Ashton Kutcher Eyeing $10 Million Bachelor Pad

Now that Ashton Kutcher is no longer the husband of Demi Moore, where the heck is he going to live?

He's currently crashing at a male friends place in LA, but the couch surfing lifestyle isn't really celeb-friendly, so Kutcher will eventually have to spend that hard earned "Two and a Half Men" salary and splash out on a swanky bachelor pad.

A source tells X17 that Ashton visited a $10 million home in the Hollywood Hills home for over an hour. He needs a place real soon and seems really interested in this 5 bed/8 bath home. It's not so much a home as Ashton's own private version of "The Bachelor" with 5 bedrooms and one newly divorced hot guy, who needs a rose ceremony?

The source told X17 that "Ashton loved this property. It has bachelor pad written all over it. This neighborhood is stunning. It's a trophy house with a view of all of LA. It's totally the type of place a hot, single Hollywood guy would want."

Let's list the amenities:

This place has 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and is situated on .57 acres atop the Hollywood Hills, so maybe, just maybe if you hike to the top of Runyon Canyon in Hollywood and close one eye just right, you can maybe glimpse into the rooms of his floor-to-ceiling windowed home.

The place also has a floating dining room (whatever that is), a gourmet kitchen, a private screening room (totally a staple in every celeb home), a bar, a gym/massage room, enclosed gardens, an infinity pool, an open sky terrace, a perfect view of the Hollywood sign, retractable walls of glass to "bring the outdoors in," and obviously a hot tub, because we know how much Ashton Kutcher loves though (cough Sarah Leal cough hot tub).

The place is listed to be rented at $50,000 month, but it's unsure if Ashton inked a deal on the home yet. It sure is swanky and he's obviously not going to get any action sleeping at his friends place.

In other Ashton and Demi gossip, the former spouses awkwardly ran into each other at a West Hollywood night club last week. At this exclusive members only club, Moore was dining there with a male companion at the same time that Ashton Kutcher was also eating dinner there.

The exes of course had to address one another's presence so Moore, being the bigger person in the situation walked up to Ashton's table to say hello.

"She approached his table," says a source, "He gave her a hug, and they spoke for a few minutes."

Kutcher was apparently dining with four males and that when Moore stopped to have a "polite" chat the whole scene looked "very awkward."