Maria Shriver Helps Arnold Celebrate His Birthday

August 1, 2011 By:
Maria Shriver Helps Arnold Celebrate His Birthday

He cheated on her with the maid, got the maid knocked up, hid a secret baby for over a decade and Maria Shriver still had enough class to show up to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s birthday over the weekend.

Arnold celebrated his 64th birthday on Saturday night at Barney’s and was joined by his estranged wife Maria and two out of four of their children. Hey, you can’t win ‘em all.

17-year-old Patrick and Christopher, 13, were the only kids who showed up to help dad celebrate his birthday. Maria even picked up the tab. Seriously, why is she being so damn nice to him? I’d still be livid. I am still livid with Arnold.

A source told "Maria grabbed for it. She was already pulling out her wallet and gave her credit card to the waiter. While she gave him the card, she also ordered Arnold an espresso."

When they left, Arnold was overheard referring to Maria as "darling", but she left alone.

It looks like the divorce settlement is finally going over smoothly. Arnold has agreed to divide the assets equally—which is estimated to be around
$400 million. She deserves an extra 10% just for not humiliating him in public every time she sees him. She’s definitely a class act.