Anne, Ben, Charlize - Bizarre Post-Oscar Meltdowns

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Anne, Ben, Charlize - Bizarre Post-Oscar Meltdowns
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The Oscars might be the most glamorous night in Hollywood, but what happens after the show is straight out of the crazy ward of a very expensive hospital, assuming that hospital is at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland and all the patients are very very famous.  

Anne Hathaway got weird and talked about astrophysics during an interview. Jennifer Lawrence flipped off reporters. John Travolta had a midlife crisis at Madonna’s party. Charlize Theron might have slept with Seth MacFarlane and Ben Affleck shaved his beard in a restaurant.

After the Oscars, all the winners must do a giant press junket where they answer normal questions about their win and their movie and generally give very normal answers. Unless of course you are Anne Hathaway, who answered the question, “How do you feel about people teasing you for being so emotional?” with an answer out of a Stephen Hawking book. 

“The miracle of the universe is that as far as they know, there is 51% matter versus 49% anti-matter. Things tip in the scale of the positive. That is what I focus on. I live my life with love, I live my life with compassion, I live my life hoping the best for absolutely everyone, no matter how they feel about me,” Anne quipped.

Ok, so that happened.

Over at Craig’s restaurant at the Argo after-party Ben Affleck decided that he didn’t need his beard anymore and shaved it off in the hallway of the restaurant!

Waiter! I’ll have the pasta and a beard trim.

Then at Madonna’s official Oscar after-party John Travolta treated partygoers by busting out his famous “Stayin’ Alive” dance, you know, the one that made him famous back in 1977. That’s like Paul McCartney going to parties and being like: “Anyone want to hear ‘Yesterday?’ I've got a guitar.”

Jennifer Lawrence momentarily flipped off reporters during an interview after her win. We still don’t know WHY she did it, either way, it was very strange. Why U mad gurrlll!?

Then, at an after-party, a source reportedly saw Charlize Theron following show host Seth MacFarlane around the party the whole night, like a little puppy dog. Some sources alleged that they even went home together, which just makes us sad, because she’s Charlize and he’s…the voice of Stewie.