Brad Pitt's Proposal Brings Tears To Angie's Eyes

April 18, 2012 By:
Brad Pitt's Proposal Brings Tears To Angie's Eyes

Sure, he’s good-looking. Sure, he’s charming. Yeah, he’s a good actor. But… but… That’s right, there are no buts.

Let’s face it, Brad Pitt’s perfect. Not even a computer-generated hologram of the actor could be any more flawless. And Pitt proved it when he brought the ultimate woman, Angelina Jolie, to tears.

Jolie’s piercing eyes got all sorts of watery when Pitt proposed this spring. The actress reportedly walked into a room assembled with the couple’s six children. The bodies of the six children were probably the only way to conceal the massive rock.

"Angelina cried and smiled" during the proposal a source told Us Weekly.

The engagement comes after several formal requests from the kids to make it official already. According to Us Weekly, all family members are reported to be pleased with the development.

The ring itself - the most popular piece of jewelry since the necklace the old Titanic lady dropped into the ocean - is reported to have a value of $500,000. Pitt worked with designer Robert Procop for over a year until the ring was just right. (Or, until large enough diamonds were discovered to make it.)

If you’re planning to pop the question to that special “Angelina” in your life and want the same reaction, don’t worry. You can!

There is a high-end copy-cat of Jolie’s ring for the discounted price of $338,000. What a bargain!

A better suggestion is to save your money, buy an affordable ring, and just get over it. Brad Pitt is cooler than you!