Brooke Mueller Doesn't Want to End Up Like Amy Winehouse

July 27, 2011 By:
Brooke Mueller Doesn't Want to End Up Like Amy Winehouse

Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s ex wife and mother of his twin boys, Bob and Max, and frequenter on “The World According to Paris” is scared she’ll end up like Amy Winehouse.

The reality star has been battling drug addictions for years and has been to rehab more times than you can count on two hands. Mueller is currently receiving in-patient treatment at a US rehab clinic after unsuccessful attempts to enter an extreme rehab center in Mexico.

Friends of Mueller are saying “Amy’s death rocked Brooke to her core. Brooke didn’t know Amy, but she relates to her addiction with drugs. Brooke doesn’t want to die, and she realizes that if she continues to use drugs, she will. Brooke has been telling friends that she doesn’t want to end up like Amy.”

She mostly feels guilty about how her addiction is affecting her sons, “She doesn’t want them to be raised without a mother. Brooke is wracked with guilt that her addiction is ruling her life and taking away from the boys.”

Also, they would be raised solely by Charlie Sheen, which arguably is worse.

Brooke must get over her fear of leaving her kids temporarily as she is supposed to stay in rehab for 3 months, but wants to leave sooner so she doesn’t have to be away from the boys for so long, “She’s been told that she needs to stay in rehab for at least the next three months. She is still resisting that recommendation, but her team is hoping she will recognize this is what she needs to do.”

Let’s hope Mueller gets clean, please don’t give Paris Hilton an excuse to use Mueller’s drug addiction as drama for her reality show anymore.