Amanda Seyfried: I'm Always Drunk on TV

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Amanda Seyfried: I'm Always Drunk on TV
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The cast of Les Mis seems to be doing every scandalous thing possible in some sort of guerilla effort to promote their new film. 

In a recent interview on “The Late Show With David Letterman,” actress Amanda Seyfried, who plays Cosette in the film, confessed she never does a television appearance without taking to the sauce first. The alcohol remedy, she said, serves as her “Dutch courage” for nervy situations. 

“You know what? It really gets me through,” Seyfried said. “I really want to enjoy my experience out here because it's special.”

Does that mean she was drunk while sitting beside Letterman? You’re damn right it does…

“I'm pretty drunk," she told the host. “To be honest with you Dave, I've had about three.”

She added, “I'm a big fan of whiskey. I had some Midleton. Russell Crowe gave me some Midleton for my birthday and I had some of that before I got here. And then your lovely colleagues had some Jameson waiting for me [backstage].”

While she jokingly admitted that she might “have a problem,” Amanda said that she normally doesn’t drink too, too often… Just when TV cameras are on and a live audience is watching

This, of course, is the same girl who recently admitted that every girl in the world wants to have sex with Channing Tatum, which in hindsight sounds like a drunkenly honest thing to say…

Les Misérables opens in theaters everywhere on Christmas day. Check out Amanda’s interview below.