Amanda Seyfried Admits She's Medicated For OCD

December 11, 2012 By:
Amanda Seyfried Admits She's Medicated For OCD

Amanda Seyfried appears to be calm, cool, and collected but according to her she’s battling a bad case of OCD.

“I’m too measured and controlling—about everything. That’s why I take Lexapro. It’s for OCD,” the actress tells the January issue of InStyle.

Amanda has opened up in the past about having panic attacks as a result of living in the public eye and says she’s dealing with OCD but says, “I don’t feel like I’m struggling with it. I think OCD is a part of me that protects me. It’s also the part of me that I use in my job, in a positive way.”

She jokes, "I have to do lots of things at the same time. it's an obsessive-compulsive thing. So when I'm on the elliptical machine, which I do almost every day, I have to be knitting, playing Soduku, and listening to something."

Glad to hear she’s so transparent about it. But that’s just Amanda’s MO, she also revealed she’s totally okay going in the buff for a film.

“At the same time, it has to do with how comfortable you are letting people see your skin. For me, I’m ok with it. Yes, I have parts of my body that I don’t necessarily love. Like, I have red bumps around my bikini line. But it doesn’t matter, at the end of the day.”

Woah, TMI! TMI! Totally not necessary to hear about your razor rash AT ALL. 

She also opened up about why she only dates actors, “I like their choice to be artists – that’s ballsy. And a guy who has such access to his emotional life is sexy. Or maybe because lots of the actors I know are so broken.”

Like, I said, girl is oversharing!