Amanda Bynes Taking Psych Med – No More Bizarre Behavior

August 1, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes Taking Psych Med – No More Bizarre Behavior

So, Amanda Bynes is still being held in a psychiatric ward and apparently she is doing really well!

How is Amanda suddenly taming her odd behavior? She’s got a new combination of meds and they are keeping her totally stabilized from what the doctors think is schizophrenia.

Apparently it’s only been a few days and already Amanda isn’t hearing voices, she’s stopped talking to herself and is no longer insulting people and calling everyone “ugly.”

However, doctors are a little suspicious, as it usually takes several tries to get a patient's medication just right. She’s taking several different medications, a “cocktail” if you will, and usually it takes about 7 to 10 days to kick in, so it’s strange that Amanda is taking to them so quickly.

Apparently Amanda has a court hearing today to see if she’s stable enough to get out of the mental hospital. Even though Amanda is reportedly acting “normal” again, TMZ’s sources say that Amanda doctor’s are certain the judge won't let her out. Amanda hasn't had enough time in the doctors' care to fully see if she actually is doing better, even though she seems to be.