Amanda Bynes Pre-Meltdown 2009 Twitter was Just as Bizarre

July 24, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes Pre-Meltdown 2009 Twitter was Just as Bizarre

Before Amanda Bynes unleashed her bizarre musings on life to the world, also known as her Twitter feed, Amanda was doing the exact same thing back in 2010.

Amanda’s first Twitter account was called @Chicky and her 2009-2010 tweets weren’t that different than they are now. Back then she still wrote bizarre so-called inspirational tweets about life and relationships and was even tweeting about her Drake love too. Somehow those old bizarro tweets went under the radar. 

1. See she was even obsessed with Drake pre-meltdown.

2. She was apparently obsessed with this idea of being “verbally abusive.” We feel like “ugly” is the new “verbally abusive.” Either way, it’s not a personality trait she likes.

3. She’s always liked black men.

4. Her tweets were always vaguely incoherent, like this one about being a “person, place or a thing.” What is she talking about?

5. She’s always hated anything that doesn’t print “the truth,” she just wasn’t suing anyone back then!

6. Amanda wanted to be a vampire? A fun quote then, but a scary one in hindsight.

7. Out of context, this could read as “crazy.” It’s actually a quote from her old series, “The Amanda Show.”

8. If this was her mantra, she clearly attained the “madness” and “ridiculous” part.