Amanda Bynes' Parents Visit Her at Hospital

July 24, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes' Parents Visit Her at Hospital

After months of wondering where Amanda Bynes' parents are and why they aren't saving their daughter, her 'rents Lynn Organ and Rick Bynes have finally rushed to her side.

Amanda's parents were spotted walking out of a hospital in Los Angeles where the former child star is being involuntarily held on a 5150 hold.

The latest rumor is that Amanda’s parents are trying to get a conservatorship over Amanda and honestly it’s about time.

This is the same dad that Amanda called “ugly,” so hopefully Amanda repaired her damaged relationship with her parents for the sake of this hospital visit.

It’s not clear what the nature of Amanda’s relationship with her parents is…she might have been in town to visit them, the fire she lit in Thousand Oaks was a block away from where her parents live.

We’re just happy to see Amanda’s parents in her life after months of rumors swirling that they have no contact with her and didn’t seem to be stepping in while she wreaked havoc in NYC.