Amanda Bynes Obsessed with Zac Efron Now

June 27, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes Obsessed with Zac Efron Now

Move over Drake, there’s a new ugly Adonis in Amanda Bynes' life and it’s Zac Efron.

Yep, bone structure poster child Zac Efron is the newest “ugly” in Amanda’s life.

@ZacEfron has an ugly face,” she wrote on Twitter just two hours ago, making it 9 a.m. NY time. So Amanda’s first thoughts upon waking up today were, “Oh, Zac Efron is an ugly dude.”

Of course Drake and Zac are both striking men, so we’re beginning to wonder if Amanda even knows what the word “ugly” means.

Also, Amanda decided to throw some random shade at her own sister, writing, “My sister Jillian Has An Ugly Face Don’t Worry Drake.”

Oh, Drake…did you hear that? Don’t worry about being ugly, because Jillian Bynes is uggo too. So, it’s cool.

Amanda then wrote, “Check out every photo of my sister Jillian. She’s not pretty!”

Amanda swiftly deleted those tweets.

Are we all still laughing at “crazy” Amanda, because honestly, she’s just a super b*tch. Who talks about their sister that way?