Amanda Bynes Cries – Has a Breakthrough, Says Doctors

August 12, 2013 By:
 Amanda Bynes Cries – Has a Breakthrough, Says Doctors

Last week, another 30 days was added to Amanda Bynes' psychiatric hold, but according to her doctors, she’s actually doing much better because she's crying now.

TMZ reports that Amanda was diagnosed with schizophrenia and it's rare for someone with this disorder to cry at all. The fact that Amanda is showing emotion is a very good thing.

Apparently Amanda was crying to nurses on Wednesday and Thursday night, afraid of her upcoming court date.

However, as encouraging as her breakthrough is, Amanda is still insisting that she’s fine. She reportedly confided in a nurse on Thursday that she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with her and she wants out of the hospital.

So Amanda is not well enough to leave the hospital, but she's showing signs of recovery with the tears and such.

Wait, how does TMZ know this? Do they have an informant inside Amanda Bynes’ hospital room? Yeesh. Remind us never to get famous, go crazy and end up in an LA hospital.