Amanda Bynes Cooperates with Doctors, Admits She Needs Help

July 30, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes Cooperates with Doctors, Admits She Needs Help

Before Amanda Bynes went into the 5150 hold, she constantly denied that there was anything wrong with her.

“I don’t have a mental illness” she tweeted almost daily.

Now that Amanda’s 72 hour psychiatric hold has been extended to two full weeks, Amanda’s former friend and publicist Jonathan Jaxson tells us that Amanda FINALLY admits she has a problem.

“The important thing is that she is being cooperative now. She sees that she has a problem and is now owning up to the fact that she needs help. She is not fighting them,” he tells Hollyscoop.

“She is not only being cooperative in there, but she is now finally sober, something she has not been for over a year, at least,” he tells us.

Amanda tested positive for marijuana according to reports, but Jonathan is convinced she was doing much more than the green stuff.

“She blew through hundreds of thousands of dollars just on drugs alone,” he tells us.

As for the reports that Amanda took a cab across the country, apparently that’s what she told her parents, but Jonathan has a different story. “She did not take a cab across the country – she was flown out here for free by a private jet company that cashes in on flying celebs.”