Amanda Bynes: Back at the Club

April 13, 2012 By:
Amanda Bynes: Back at the Club

It takes a lot to make Lindsay Lohan look tame.

Meet Amanda Bynes.

A week after her DUI arrest, Amanda Bynes decided it was a good idea to put on half a shirt and head back to the Hollywood club scene. This is what happens when you retire in your early twenties.

Amanda drove herself to the Chateau Marmont and Greystone Manor last night—two of the most paparazzi-packed hotspots in Hollywood. Hey, celebs. You know there are like, low-key places in Hollywood, right? Maybe try hitting up the Baja Fresh or something.

Amanda was texting behind the wheel during her night out, and she eventually backed over a curb in a red zone. As she walked into the club, she tried to hide from photographers with a hoodie, which we all know is really effective.

Bynes eventually parked her car and headed inside Greystone. In case you don’t remember, Greystone is the same spot where, last month, Amanda got behind the wheel, seemingly intoxicated, and drove away.
TMZ tried to stop her. When a paparazzo is trying to warn you of potential danger, you know you got problems.

Bynes was busted for DUI on April 6, after she was partying at the Smoke and Mirrors bar at The Standard Hotel in Hollywood. Coincidentally, it was the same spot where Lindsay Lohan was accused of assaulting a woman.
The same night, too. Which can only mean one thing: Amanda Bynes is an alter ego created by Lindsay Lohan so she can make her comeback but still party hard. Sheer genius.