Alec, Kanye, Bieber: When Stars Attack

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Alec, Kanye, Bieber: When Stars Attack
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Alec Baldwin is being accused of attacking a paparazzi again, however, this time he’s being racist about it too. Being hot-tempered is kind of Alec Baldwin’s bread-and-butter these days, according to a New York Post reporter.

Alec reportedly told a reporter over the weekend that he hopes she “chokes to death” and then turned his rage onto a nearby paparazzo whom he called a “crackhead” and a “coon” among other racial slurs. Afterwards, both Alec and the photog pressed charges against each other. 

Of course Alec is denying the charges on Twitter, as he is known to do, but Alec isn’t the ONLY star to throw insults (and punches) at the paparazzi.

Justin Bieber: Justin Bieber tends to have an issue with paparazzi all the time, but on one specific occasion he attacked a photog after the pap blocked Justin’s vehicle in the parking lot of a movie theater. It’s hard to tell if Justin was just super-pissed off or if he was trying to defend his then damsel-in-distress Selena Gomez.

Amanda Bynes: During Amanda Bynes downward spiral into crazy town, she turned into a manic crazy homeless lady for a hot second and attacked an Entertainment Tonight videographer when he took photos of her that she deemed unflattering.

Kanye West: Kanye infamously smashed a photogs camera at LAX back in 2008 and was charged with a few hours of community service. Cut to October 2012 and Kanye heckled a female reporter in Miami when she asked him and Kim how they felt about Kim’s ex Reggie Bush knocking up his now-girlfriend.

Cameron Diaz: Back in 2004 when Cameron Diaz was dating Justin Timberlake (lol, remember that?) she and JT were notorious for physically and verbally attacking any and all paparazzi that crossed their paths like they were some kind of anti-photog vigilantes.

Sean Penn: Believe it or not, but Sean Penn was once accused of dangling a paparazzi from his balcony after he found him hiding in his hotel room. This was in 1986 and apparently Sean wasn’t caught, which is why the whole thing seems suspect. Fast forward to 2009 and Sean attacks paparazzi on several occasions including one altercation when he threatened a paparazzi with “I will put you in a box.”

Britney Spears: Britney’s paparazzi meltdown is perhaps the most infamous. She attacked a paparazzo’s car with an umbrella until the umbrella broke in half. Tragic. This was also the same time Britney shaved her head and divorced K-Fed; 2007 was a messy year for Brit Brit.

Chris Martin: Chris Martin once pulled a Britney and broke the windows (without an umbrella) and slashed the tires of a photog’s car back in 2003 in Australia. Chris was arrested but surprisingly the charges were dropped.

Shia Labeouf: Shia Labeouf was getting a cup of coffee when a paparazzi snapped some photos, so Shia bought the guy a cup of coffee and threw it on the photog and ran away! WTF!