Is Adele’s Wax Figure Skinnier Than She Is?

July 3, 2013 By:
Is Adele’s Wax Figure Skinnier Than She Is?

Adele has finally made it big. Madame Tussauds molded a hunk of wax into the shape of Adele to remind you that she’s really famous now.

We scoped the wax figure. It has her flawless skin down perfectly. They did her signature cat-eye make up down pat, even her hair color is on point.

Only problem? Wax “Adele” is about two dress sizes smaller than actual Adele.

We’re not talking about pregnant Adele versus non-pregnant Adele.

Check out the side by side of Adele at the Grammys (the image and dress that inspired the wax figure) and check out the wax version.

The non-resemblance is uncanny.

So you tell us, did Madame Tussauds shave off a couple pounds when they made this Adele wax figure?