Abigail Breslin Unrecognizable In New Sassy Photos

November 30, 2012 By:
Abigail Breslin Unrecognizable In New Sassy Photos


Abigail Breslin, aka the little girl from Little Miss Sunshine is apparently no longer a little girl.

Time flies, right? Abigail has ditched her adolescent film roles in favor of a sexy and edgy new look and has just debuted her va-va-voom appearance in a new photo shoot for Tyler Shields.

Tyler Shields is the same guy who photographed Mischa Barton with raw meat and a black eye and Lindsay Lohan holding a gun and bleeding. So yeah, he goes there.

In the Abigail images, she is rocking a short blond wig and bright red lips. These are actually just the promotional stills for an upcoming film called Final Girl, which is a thriller directed by Tyler about a girl being tormented by a pack of teenage boys who hunt her as part of an initiation.

The whole photo shoot has an old-Hollywood vibe, Abigail is channeling a kind of Grace Kelly meets Marilyn Monroe. 

The film is just one of five Breslin has slated to release next year. She’s starring in a slew of not-very-teenage-sounding film titles like Virgin Mary, Ender’s Game, Haunter, The Hive and August: Osage County.