Why 'New Girl' Just Isn’t the Same Since Nick & Jess Got Together

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Why 'New Girl' Just Isn’t the Same Since Nick & Jess Got Together
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“New Girl” was our favorite show on TV, but then Nick and Jess got together and everything started sucking.


At first they were all coy and defensive, trying to pretend like they weren’t totally perfect for each other.


The sexual tension was palpable. We kept watching to find out when they’d finally break!


And then they did and it was *~*ROMANTIC*~*


After they “got together” they took an impromptu trip to Mexico. It’s cute, but we were already missing the will-they-won't-they tension.


Nick and Jess as a legit couple is boring.


Nick and Jess as roommates who accidentally hookup is hot.






Now that they are together, what are their storylines going to revolve around? Jess hallucinating?


Jess trying to bond with Coach over…basketball?


Nick withholding sex and brushing his teeth in a sexy way?


We just want them to go back to being awkward and cute and, like, harboring secret crushes!


Without the “will they hook up” drama, they give the major storylines to Winston and his whack-ass issues…like, hanging out with his cat?


And doing puzzles.


Or Nick “learning” how to exercise.


or Cece, quitting modeling for BARTENDING!?


Or Coach, only caring about sports.


We get that his name is COACH, but can he do something besides WATCHING SPORTS?!


Schmidt, however, is still flawless.

Carry on.


The ONLY dramatic thing that happened to Nick and Jess post-hookup was whether or not Jess was officially his “girlfriend.”

But it was quickly resolved.  


…And now everything is boring.

Okay, that dancing is actually kind of cute.