Zoe Saldana: Directing is Easier Than Planning a Wedding

October 25, 2011 By:
Zoe Saldana: Directing is Easier Than Planning a Wedding

Some lucky man is getting ready to lock Zoe Saldana down. And that man is Keith Britton. The two became engaged in 2010 after dating for nine years. Hollyscoop caught up with the actress at the Glamour Reel Moments at the Director’s Guild on Monday.

Saldana told Hollyscoop how she feels about planning her wedding: “[I’m] excited! It's much harder to do that than to actually direct a short. I'll tell you that."

The short Saldana is referring to is her short film, Kaylien. It stars Bradley Cooper and Malin Akerman and centers around a little girl who gets bullied.

“It was wonderful,” Zoe tells us about her directing experience. “It was a great script, and the script is what brought all of us together.”

Saldana directed short flicks along with Eva Longoria and Olivia Wilde as part of the Glamour Reel Moments organization. They get leading Hollywood ladies to direct short films that are inspired by real-life stories from Glamour magazine’s readers. The proceeds benefit a charity chosen by each director.

"I’m so excited because it’s also bringing awareness to females portraying bigger roles of responsibility when it comes to filmmaking,” Saldana told Hollyscoop. “It’s not because we’re given the opportunity now, it’s because we’re really exercising our birth right to be artists like everybody else can.”

A big ideology of the organization has to do with empowering women. Zoe continues:

“Being creatures [that have] more of a sensitive touch doesn’t mean that we can’t do fun things and we can’t create films or shorts or tell stories that are very entertaining for the mass population.”

The films will go live today on the blog. They can be viewed on GlamourReelMoments.com and for every film that is viewed Glamour will donate a $1 to Look Good…Feel Better.

And Zoe will be working with Bradley Cooper yet again. The two will star in the upcoming independent drama, The Words.

“The script is what brought all of us together, from Jeremy Irons to Olivia to Dennis Quaid and obviously Bradley,” Zoe told Hollyscoop.

“The directors--it was their first time directing--but they’re amazing writers. They’re also childhood friends of Bradley so coming into this, it felt like a family.

Zoe also told us that familial feeling made her enjoy going to work:

“I love working under great environments where you feel happy, you’re skipping to work and skipping back home everyday and it was a very beautiful story so I cant wait for everybody to see it.”

The Words is set to release in 2012.