Zach Galifinakis Weds

August 13, 2012 By:

With all of the rumors of Brangelina nuptials and an Anistheroux-Brangelina race to the aisle, our little hopes have been getting so high for a celebrity wedding this weekend just to have been let down. Leave it to Zach Galifianakis to make us feel a little better in our wedding fever. The Hangover funny man wed Quinn Lundberg (who is taller than him) in a Vancouver ceremony.

Zach, 42 and Quinn, 29, a former ballerina and philanthropist, have been dating for years. The ceremony was held at UBC Farm in Vancouver, and according to a US Weekly source it was an in-and-out affair: it lasted for a half hour, with all of the guests out and on the way to the reception by 5 p.m.

Taking a Natalie Portman-Benjamin Millepied tack and keeping the locations of their wedding super private, the couple evaded photogs who had camped out across Vancouver and were able to keep their ceremony and reception to friends and family only. Among the attendees were comedians Patton Oswalt and Sarah Silverman.

I sincerely hope some under the table Twitter pics surface soon—according to a source, the wedding invites included “a drawing of himself and his bride-to-be. He made sure he looked like a little troll, while Quinn is a stunning tall blond princess.” So the centerpieces and name cards must have been something. I’m also wondering if Zach shaved or lost the newsboy cap for the ceremony, though I highly suspect that he did not.

In an interview with Rolling Stone last year, Galifianakis lauded his fiancée (“Quinn is the coolest. The coolest.") and mentioned his plans on the child-rearing front:
"I've been wanting kids for 10 years. I'd love to adopt, have them naturally – all of it. I want, like, 15."

Let’s hope Quinn’s on the same page!