Zac Efron Shows Off His Bra Unhooking Skills!

April 13, 2012 By:
Zac Efron Shows Off His Bra Unhooking Skills!

Ladies, prepare to have your fantasies fulfilled! All those dreams where you magically hook-up with Zac Efron and couldn’t decide what kind of bra-undresser he was – my friends, Zac Efron is of the pinch-and-slide variety of men.

Also, don’t stress but there’s a video of Mr. Efron showing us how he undresses a woman. It’s like DIY style. It’s a bra-unhooking tutorial, if you will. Boys, take note.

Zac Efron was doing an interview in Australia to promote his new movie “The Lucky One” and like most normal interviews, the topic turned to lingerie and how to undress a woman, you know, just normal PG stuff like that.

The female host pulls out an actual bra and is like, here Zac, show us on the bra.

Zac holds the lingerie and tells the show’s hosts how he expertly removes a bra, “You hold it this way because the girl is like this, kissing you. You just pinch…and slide.”

He also adds, “That’s my move. You can do it one handed. It’s a pinch.”

Zac, I totally underestimated you. I never thought of you as a one-handed kind of guy. After you dropped that condom at the premiere of The Lorax, you were kind of pegged as very hot, but very clumsy.

Anyways, Zac is all grow’d up. Let’s celebrate by finding a youtube video of images of Zac from “High School Musical” played over a One Direction song.