Zac Efron Shows Off His Anaconda

September 14, 2012 By:
Zac Efron Shows Off His Anaconda

Zac Efron is an animal, or that’s what Blackbook magazine alleges, and quite frankly we agree. Just look at the size of his anaconda. His pet snake, that is.

Zac covers the October issue of the magazine (the cover leaked last week) but now more photos from inside the pages have surfaced, and if you’re one of those ladies that get all hot and bothered at the sight of a man holding a small animal, this one is for you.

On the cover, Zac poses with bunnies popping out of his suit jacket, an owl on his shoulder, and what appear to be chinchillas crawling all over his lapels. It's so cute, I die. Girls between the ages of 12-17 know exactly what I'm talking about.

On the inside pages, Zac lounges in what appears to be extreme fear as he gazes into the eyes of a huge anaconda that is strategically placed near his, uhhmm, loins.

In another photo, Zac just casually leans against a wall holding a baby fox, like “Hey girl, you like wildlife?”


This comes hot off the news of Zac denying gay rumors at the same time claiming he loves the gays!

He also says he’d be interested in playing a gay character in the future because that’s also something that gets ladies all hot and bothered.

“It’s always interesting to delve into unexplored territory, and that would be a new avenue for me. I definitely wouldn’t be afraid,” says the actor.

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