Zac Efron’s Lakers Game Date Is a Serious Dimepiece

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Zac Efron’s Lakers Game Date Is a Serious Dimepiece
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Zac Efron went on a date with this chick:


He took her to a Lakers game. Cute.

But can we talk about how adorable slash also hot his new girl is? And maybe she’s too good for Zac?


Her name is Halston Sage.


And she is a bonafide DIMEPIECE.


She and Zac are well-acquainted.


She plays a girl that Zac makes out with in his upcoming movie, Neighbors.


But she is seriously BEYOND BEAUTIFUL.

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And could be doing better than playing random party girls in Zac Efron movies.


Actually, she is now on that new NBC show “Crisis.”


Which we’re going to assume is LIKE “Scandal,” so she’ll be a household name soon enough.


She’s one of those girls you follow on Instagram and have like #LifeEnvy for.



But what is a girl like THIS:



Doing with Zac Efron the hobo-fighting, jaw-breaking, sort-of-wrecked former Disney star?



Halston, girl, take your cute life and your cute dog...


And go find a guy who doesn’t drive around downtown LA like a shady weirdo.


Halston we are seriously rooting for you, because you are a hard and fast 10.


You could be with a HEMSWORTH!


Halston, think about it.