Zac Efron Dropped His Condoms On the Lorax Red Carpet

February 23, 2012 By:
Zac Efron Dropped His Condoms On the Lorax Red Carpet

Is that a Lorax in your pocket, or you just happy to see me?

While posing on the red carpet for his upcoming movie ‘The Lorax,’ Zac Efron handed his PR person some stuff in his pocket for her to hold on to while he did his thing. But as he was handing over his pocket contents, he dropped what everyone seems to think are condoms.

I’m not sure why Zac Efron is just carrying around loose condoms in his pockets, but I guess when you’re as good-looking as him, you gotta be prepared at all times.

Zac quickly picked them up, and yes, there were like three kids right there watching, and tried to hide his laughter as he put them back in his pocket and took a deep breath. He then turned around, had a good laugh, and went back to business.

I mean, the guy’s probably gonna get criticized for bringing condoms to the red carpet of a kid’s movie, but come on. Danny DeVito is in this, and he probably showed up to this event drunk and pants-less, because that’s just what Danny DeVito does. But anyway, the point is, these kids were gonna grow up real fast anyway.

This is the part where I should give a quick rundown on what The Lorax is about, but to be honest, I Googled it, I read the Wiki page like three times, and I still have no freakin’ clue. My best guess is, it’s about a kid who falls in love with Taylor Swift but then forgets about her after he meets some orange dude who looks like he owes child support, and then all of them grow trees together. Also, something about Obama.