Zac Efron Breaks Silence Post Drug Scandal

September 27, 2013 By:
Zac Efron Breaks Silence Post Drug Scandal
Image By: Instagram

Zac Efron has remained fairly quiet during the media blitz surrounding his personal life.

Reports surfaced this month that the actor secretly checked into two rehab programs earlier this year for his rampant cocaine use—an addiction he’s been battling for two years.

Through it all, Zac’s been keeping a very low profile and refraining from commenting on the situation. That’s because the 25-year-old has found a way to escape the media’s prying eyes; he recently took a father/son trip to Peru.

In a new photo uploaded on his Instagram—his first since the rehab news came to light—Zac smiles before the Machu Picchu sanctuary, the famous Inca site. In its caption, he addresses his fans and thanks them for their recent support.

Here’s what he said:

“Hey guys! Just returned from an incredible trip to Peru with my dad and wanted to thank you all for your support these past few weeks...means the world to me. Love you guys! – Z”

Now that he’s back in the states, many are undoubtedly waiting for his next move. But judging from this image alone Zac looks happy, well rested, and most importantly, he looks healthy.