Nicole Kidman Literally Pees All Over Zac Efron

May 24, 2012 By:
Nicole Kidman Literally Pees All Over Zac Efron

Zac Efron seems determined to shed his squeaky-clean High School Musical persona, while Nicole Kidman continues to prove she’ll do anything for the sake of her craft in their new film, The Paperboy.

Directed by Lee Daniels (previously of Precious fame), The Paperboy recently raised some serious eyebrows at the Cannes Film Festival. Critics are currently engaged in one-sided e-debates as to whether or not the film is bad-bad, so-good-its-bad or just-not-even-worth-talking-about-in-the-first-place.

The synopsis of the synopsis is Matthew McConaughey's character, older brother of Efron's character, is investigating the case of a death row inmate played by John Cusack. Nicole Kidman works her way into the mix, and Efron’s affections, as an over-sexed woman obsessed with getting a piece of the prisoner.

The graphic golden shower scene comes after a brutal jellyfish attack and attempts to serve the dual purpose of educating the general populace on the quickest homeopathic pain-relief remedy for when these invisible invertebrates attack, and of course, to entertain.

Though rumor has it that by the time the Oscar winning actress lifts a leg on Americas bluest-eyed tween heartthrob, the audience has been pushed beyond the point of being able to experience awe, but arguably, not disgust… and if that doesn’t peak your curiosity enough to shell out at the box office (for better or worse), I don’t know what will.