Jay R. Ferguson: I Have a Really Little Bitty...

April 17, 2012 By:
Jay R. Ferguson: I Have a Really Little Bitty...

Jay R. Ferguson stars opposite Zac Efron in “The Lucky One” and has appeared on several seasons of “Mad Men,” but admitted to Hollyscoop that he can’t handle nude scenes because he’s lacking in the meat department if you know what I mean and I think you do, I wasn’t being very subtle about it!

We caught up with Jay R. at the premiere of “The Lucky One” – a flick that sees Zac Efron getting hot and heavy with his co-star, so we had to ask Jay R., would you ever do a nude scene?

“Unfortunately I have,” he tells us, adding that it was “terrible.”

The reason Jay R. dislikes nude scenes so much?

“Because I’m nude…Yeah, [I have] a really...little...bitty...little fear.”

Hopefully, you can read between the lines.

In addition to talking about his manhood, Jay R. dishes on Brangelina’s engagement.

“I’m so excited!” he tells HS, “I read it and I could just not believe it.”

So what do you give the couple that has everything?

“One of those cards that you can put a bunch of nickels in, sounds funny,” says Jay R., “They wouldn’t be expecting it, I can guarantee you that.”