Zac Efron Gets Flirty With Fans

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Zac Efron Gets Flirty With Fans
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When he’s not eating burgers and tipping like a boss, Zac Efron is just being his typical, charismatic self.

The Paperboy star was spotted at Austin’s SXSW festival putting his lady-killing skills on display. According to witnesses on the scene, the stud was acting “super flirty.”

People got the exclusive, sourcing some fans that witnessed the gush-fest.

“He was hitting on a girl and being super charming,” the insider said. “He took photos with some female fans, but asked them to do it on the down low because he didn't want to bring too much attention to himself.”

Taking a break from his usual Umami diet, Zac was reportedly sipping on some Strongbow cider. And, while he arrived solo, he was said to be “having a good time and talking to people.”

The story also describes Efron’s wardrobe: a grey beanie and a long-sleeved T-shirt.

Zac was in the Texas city to promote his new film At Any Price. It’s a southern-fried feature in which he has dirty sex in a racecar.

Here’s the trailer: