Yup: It's Swimsuit Season Again

June 16, 2006 By:

I would not let a ‘Fashion Thursday’ pass by with out giving you guys the scoop on what’s “hot” for the summer time. This week’s hot topic is bathing suits for women. We are all probably trying to lose some weight, fake and bake as much as we can so we can prepare ourselves for the summer season which I must say officially starts on June 21. Some pointers on what sorts of bathing suits you should look for while shopping. Stripes and the sailor look have been hot this past season and they will continue to be the ‘it’ look for the summer season. Try to find yourself a swimsuit with stripes. It does not really matter what color the stripes are. I bought a cute bikini this past week from Zara and it was gold and white stripes (Cant wait to sport it in Miami).

Another look that was sported on the runways were bows It doesn’t matter if it is a one piece or two piece bathing suit just make sure it has a bow somewhere. Note that this look could go really south if you don’t pick the right bowed swimsuit. Be very wary while picking the suit. If you feel like it’s too much, you are probably right!

The one piece swimsuit with straps that is really sexy but please don’t attempt to tan while wearing this bathing suit. This suit is made to be worn as an accessory. This style usually looks better on taller and skinnier girls, so I know I wont be purchasing one.

Last but not least one look that will never go out of style for swimsuits is the basic one colored swimsuit. You can never go wrong with a plain black or white or even pink two piece bikini and they are always more affordable too. Well there you have it, some simple pointers on what swimsuit to buy to look fashionable and sexy. Enjoy….