X-Men Origins: Wolverine Leaked Online

April 1, 2009 By:
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Leaked Online

The next X: Men Origins: Wolverline movie isn’t out until May 1st, but an unfinished version of the film has just been leaked online!

According to BBC News, an incomplete version of Wolverine was leaked online, with special effects and all, and the copy was uploaded to file sharing and streaming video sites.

Though unfinished, the film is said to be high quality, and the special effects just need a little fine-tuning. Over 75,000 copies of the film have already been downloaded and reviews by users have started appearing online.

But the early leak is unlikely to affect box office sales. Users have left comments about the unfinished copy like :"The CGI is missing and the movie looks horrible without it. Even if you see the workprint you're still going to have to go see it in the theatre to fully experience the full movie with CGI effects fully intact."

The source of the leak is being investigated, and it’s thought that Rising Sun Pictures has something to do with it, since their watermark is shown at the beginning of the copy. Rising Sun is the Australian visual effects company that worked on Wolverine and is currently in production on Terminator, which will be X-Men’s direct competition at the box office this summer.

In related news, Hugh Jackman announced on Ryan Seacrest this morning that there will be a contest to determine where the premiere for the movie will be held. Fans can vote for their hometown or favorite city on the official movie site.

Jackman says, "The town that has the most amount of votes is going to get us there .I hope we go to someplace I've never been in my life before."

To enter the contest, click here