Video: Melanie Amaro Stuns on The X Factor - Poised to Win?

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Video: Melanie Amaro Stuns on The X Factor - Poised to Win?

18-year-old Melanie Amaro is a front-runner to win The X Factor this season.

While she has been an Oklahoma City fan favorite early on in the competition, Melanie Amaro leaves Simon Cowell speechless after her performance last night on The X Factor.

During Sunday nights Judge’s houses performance, Amaro fought for a spot in the top 16 with her rendition of Michael Jackson’s hit song, “Will You Be There,” aka the theme song from Free Willy (yeah, the 1993 whale movie).

She performed for Simon in the backyard of his beautiful home and after her performance, Simon collapsed onto his outdoor chaise lounge, threw down his can of Pepsi (Gotta love that shameless product placement) and threw up his arms into the air in submission. It’s over, this girl just swept the competition (Brought to you by Pepsi).

In earlier episodes, Simon had mentioned that he thought Amaro was staying in her comfort zone, so she had a lot to prove during this performance.

Amaro also performed last in the episode and if you know anything about anything, you always save the best for last.

Amaro stunned auditions during her initial audition for The X factor, but since then she hasn’t really been featured. This shy college student from Florida wowed the judges during the first round of auditions proving that The X Factor is worth watching.

She sang “Listen” by Beyonce and may have (almost) been better than the original.

“People like you inspire me” says Nicole Scherzinger as she fought back tears.

Paula adds, “[You’re] unlike anything we’ve ever heard. I don’t think it’s like anything I ever heard, in any audition I’ve ever been in.”

Okay, she’s a great singer, but she’s not a freaking dog whisperer. Paula is so dramatic.

Other contestants worth noting on The X Factor is Josh Krajcik in the “Over 30” category. While this guy could benefit from not letting his hair air-dry so often and maybe get a beard trim, he’s the other fan and judges favorite.

While he performed poolside for Nicole Scherzinger and her celeb mentor Enrique Iglesias, Krajcik got off to a shaky start but concluded an otherwise stellar performance. Nicole likes him because he’s “a little rough around the edges,” and Enrique says “he’s a star, but not a conventional star,” and in TV speak that means “great ratings.”

Also, before The X Factor he was a “burrito maker.” So if that isn’t a good charity case, I don’t know what is.

Melanie performing ‘Will You Be There’ on X-Factor

Melanie’s initial X-Factor audition video: