'The X Factor' Snubs New Judges On Eve Of Texas Auditions

May 23, 2012 By:
'The X Factor' Snubs New Judges On Eve Of Texas Auditions

And the judges are...

Britney Spears has taken to Twitter to express more “super” excitement for her new job:

"So excited to be going to Austin this week for @TheXFactorUSA auditions! Will I see any of y'all there on Thurs or Fri?thexfactorusa.com"

We all watched the press conference announcing the new judges line-up. We soaked up the media frenzy regarding Simon Cowell’s decision making process. We heard the we’re-coming-after-you-The-Voice! throw-down. We've seen the pics of the chewed-up fingernail beds and we've listened to the psychologists debate as to whether these girls are ready or are just ready to crumble — all while the nation debates which would earn the show greater ratings (rhetorical question).

It seems everything is in place for this coming seasons much anticipated (promoted) "X Factor"… except the website. Not naïve in the ways of promotion, Spears dutifully included a link in her tweet.

But upon clicking on it, you’ll see that the judges page still boasts the old line-up -- Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul -- sitting in the big chairs. And in case you’re wondering what those ladies have been up to lately, the page features both women’s live Twitter feeds!

WTF Simon? I mean, you spent how much money to get Britney Spears ($15 million) and… that other girl ($1 million)? And you can’t get your interns ($0) to update your homepage?

Error. Seriously.

A rep for Fox has not yet responded to our request for comment.