Simon Cowell Goes on Firing Spree at The X Factor, Paula & Nicole Out

January 31, 2012 By:
Simon Cowell Goes on Firing Spree at The X Factor, Paula & Nicole Out

This morning we reported that Steve Jones had been fired as host from The X Factor, now we’re finding out that Simon Cowell is firing everyone left and right, cutting both Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul!

With Abdul and Scherzinger gone all we’ve got left is Simon and LA Reid, aka just a couple of suits talking about which singer was or wasn’t “pitchy”. I liked it better with Abdul and Scherzinger because every week was a giant cry-fest and xanax party.

Basically, Simon is upset that the debut of the American version of The X Factor isn’t doing as well as the UK Version, not only that but it gets half the viewers of American Idol and NBC’s The Voice.

Simon promised everyone and made grand public statements that The X Factor would pull 20 million viewers, but the show only pulled in 12.5 million viewers on average. This proves that Simon can talk the talk, but gasp, cannot walk the walk.

So Simon is cleaning house, first axing Steve Jones. Then he got rid of Nicole Scherzinger who is claiming it’s so she can “focus on her music career” blah blah blah, according to The Hollywood Reporter, she “asked” to leave the show, “She’s spoken to Simon and he’s given her his blessing.”

As for Paula’s firing, sources say that Paula got the news of her axing from a lawyer and that Simon hasn't even had the decency to tell her himself. Personally I’m surprised. I thought the bitter flirt fest between the two of them each week was necessary for the survival of Simon’s ego?

Apparently the firing spree is a result of Fox execs sitting down with focus groups and the results of the focus groups data proved that Jones, Scherzinger, and Abdul are not favorable with test audiences.

Who do you think they should replace Jones, Scherzinger and Abdul with? Mariah Carey in place of Paula? Jessica Simpson for Scherzinger? That guy from Access Hollywood for Jones?